It's a rainy day so Dear Hubby and I took a drive up to the town of Ashland, 60 miles north of us on the Lake Superior shoreline to go jacket shopping.  Slim found what he was looking for after trying on what seemed like half the jackets in the Army Navy Store; but the one he settled for, he wishes was a size larger. Personally, I think it looks just fine on him.   The salesman said he "might" be getting one in tomorrow one size larger...  So...  I just might be taking another trip north in the morning again.  He took our phone number and said he'd call if one comes in.  

Ashland has something that is very unique ... some beautiful murals painted on the buildings of the old downtown district.  It was too rainy to get some good pictures from my camera; but I did find some on the internet from the website .  Or CLICK HERE to go to the Ashland Commerce site for a tour.

Pretty cool... huh?  Two gals painted those.  Such TALENT!!  They are so much prettier in person ~ these photographs really don't do them justice... especially the Salute to the Armed Forces and the Lumberjack Days.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Beautiful wall murals!

    The coat probably needs to be larger - so it feels comfortable with other winter wear under-neath! ☺☺☺

  2. Lovely work. That took someone or several someone's a lot of work.

  3. Rain or not, you got some good pictures. Yes they are beautiful. here is a lot of labor in all that work, combined with talent WOW, I do love to travel through a town with 'good' murals.

    Slim just wanted to make the trip again!!!!!

    Love ya! (think of you often)
    Sherry & jack

    (sometimes the discussion is even nice where you are concerned. Tell Mama hello for us!) YOU can kiss slim for Sherry if it ain't too much trouble!!!

  4. Awesome!
    I can imagine that seeing those artworks in real life would be a true joy.


  5. Interesting process. I love a colorful neighborhood! I loved all the colored houses in SF. We are tamer here in Phoenix, but some like to do wall murals. Especially Hispanics.