that time of the year~

It's that time of the year to get the harvest in ~ and start cleaning up the yard ~ getting ready for what's to come  ~ the white stuff.

I can feel it in the air already!  This morning it was 50 degrees out ... rainy ... windy ... yes ... it's just a matter of time and we'll be back into our deep freeze. 

I even had to break down today and put on some socks!  I'm usually barefoot or wearing just my crocs or slip on shoes; but this morning my feet were actually cold.  I even did some digging in the closet to find my lace up leather shoes.  

I'm sure some warmer days are still in the forecast ~ a nice Indian Summer ~ beautiful fall days ... but today it really feels like the summer weather has gone it's way. 

On the agenda today is to salvage some of my outdoor plants and bring them in over winter.  I have two norfolk pine trees that I've been hanging onto and try to keep alive by over wintering in the house.  They both were plants from funerals ... one was from my Dad's and another from Slim's grandpa.  I know they're just plants ~ but they hold a little remembrance for me and I want to keep them going as long as I can.

Two more plants that I have outside that can't handle the cold weather are two bougainvilla plants that Sara gave me.  One is this beautiful purple one ... and also a pink one with varigated leaves.

  I wish I had a greenhouse.
Before we moved here 13 years ago I had one by my other place.  When we moved I wanted to load it up and bring it along; but Dear Hubby convinced me that I didn't have to do that because he would build me a new and improved one.  

Maybe there is still enough time this fall to remind him that I'm still waiting.  Then I could keep over ALL my plants that I want ... and start new ones for all my friends ... like I used to.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. What you mean? If the man Slim said so, he will. Did he give you a time? (No, we boys are smarter than that!) LOL

    Love the pictures of the flowers. I have known folk who kept certain flowers for a particular reason. I would never be able to do that. I can kill just about any living plant, except Ivy.
    Of course traveling, plants don't work for us. They do for some folk. Our friends Don & Evelyn load their MH down with flowers and set them outside when they stop. Sherry Carried some along the way, but now we just have the artificial ones.

    Anyway we are not built for your winters, so we must head south like some of the birds. The first picture scared me, I though you already had snow! The Wasatch Mts out here have already had a dusting.
    Love from Northern Utah.
    Sherry & jack

  2. When I lived in California, I had bougainvilla climbing all over my patio, it was so pretty and grew fast as a weed. They don't like temps much below 40F, so I can't winter them here, no room inside:(
    I use to like the seasons, but no more; don't want summer to go away. I love your "harvest" photo, yummy stuff you got there!

  3. Yes, It's that time of year! I love the weather between now and mid-December here in East Tennessee. Indian Summers here are usually spectacular. Wow! Your canning looks beautiful! It represents lots of caring and lots of sweat but will taste soooo good this winter. What talent you northerners have. We have "put up" (as we say) some green beans and some okra and some peaches. Our method now is to blanch and freeze things. Much quicker and easier.

    Tell me, if you have a "green-house" there - wouldn't you have to build a fire inside to keep things from freezing? How does that work?

  4. Hi Mel, Please Tell Dar hello for me... I miss her --and I know that she's having internet problems.

    Can't believe that it's so cool up there already... But--I'm sure that September is the time to begin preparing for winter.. We don't have to do that until about November or so down here...

    Hope you can get that greenhouse this Fall... Sounds like you need it.

  5. I like your little story on your side bar. Hope you get your greenhouse soon.

  6. Okay it is the second picture with the snow. some folks are picky picky!!!!

    Love you! Sherry is my proof reader.

  7. Perhaps when he gets stuck dancing around the bougainvilla thorns or when the Norfolks block the TV, he may think hard about the greenhouse. One can hope.
    Your canned goods look soooo good.